Chariya Khattiyot : Masterchef UK 2023 Winner

Real NameChariya Khattiyot
Date of Birth1983
ProfessionMaster Coffee Roaster
Net Worth in DollarsN/A


  • Lives in Farnborough, Hampshire with fiancé
  • Grew up in Northern Thailand, educated in Chiang Mai
  • Seven years as a district manager for a national coffee chain
  • Set up own coffee roasting company, now a Master Coffee Roaster

Early Life

  • Started cooking at a young age, learned to make an omelette at four years old
  • Cooking was a big part of Thai culture, had family gatherings where everyone cooked together
  • Cooked with simple equipment due to a poor background in Thailand
  • Grandfather taught simple and inexpensive dishes


  • Entered MasterChef to showcase Northern Thai cuisine
  • Nervous to cook for John and Gregg but received their support
  • Reached The Finals and remained focused to do best
  • Passionate about bringing Northern Thai cuisine to the UK and using local ingredients
  • Loves baking, particularly making chocolate
  • Started baking when moved to the UK and discovered oven availability
  • Influenced by Gordon Ramsay, John Torode, and Ian Kittichai
  • Dishes are a fusion of Southeast Asian and Western food
  • Spends hours in the kitchen perfecting recipes and having fun with them


  • Cooking and baking
  • Watching MasterChef

Cooking Ambitions

  • Hopes to work with food after MasterChef and turn love of cooking into a profession
  • Excited about potential opportunities and possibilities
  • Dreams of opening a restaurant and eventually multiple restaurants
  • Aims to showcase Northern Thai food and work towards earning a Michelin star
  • Wants to see people’s faces light up when they eat their food






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