Dr Aditi Nevgi : Masterchef Australia Contestant (2023)

Aditi Nevgi Masterchef Australia
Real NameDr Aditi Nevgi
Date of Birth1992
Net Worth in DollarsN/A


  • Adi Nevgi is a passionate cook and aspiring MasterChef Australia contestant.
  • She has a deep love for her ancestral cuisine, Indian, but draws inspiration from flavors across the world.
  • Adi has been largely self-taught through cookbooks, websites, and cooking shows.
  • She has a background in general medicine and endocrinology, which deepens her understanding of the science behind food.
  • Adi aims to write her own cookbook, focusing on cooking basics.


  • Adi has been working full time on the front line of a busy Melbourne hospital during the global pandemic.
  • She is lightening her workload to pursue her MasterChef dream.
  • Adi’s study of general medicine and endocrinology has contributed to her love of food.


  • Adi has a passion for cooking, which has grown as she experimented, practiced, and developed her palate.
  • She has visited 55 countries, which has allowed her to explore various cuisines and flavors.
  • Adi enjoys baking, although it is a weakness compared to her savory cooking preference.

Goals and Determination:

  • Adi’s goals are sky-high, and she is determined to achieve them.
  • She believes her determined and unflappable nature will keep her on an even keel in the kitchen.
  • Adi is ready to give the MasterChef Australia competition her all and stop at nothing to succeed.

Writing Cookbook:

  • Adi is inspired to write her own cookbook, which will serve as a ‘how-to guide’ on learning cooking basics.
  • Her background in general medicine and endocrinology will contribute to her understanding of the science behind food and cooking.

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