Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Welcome to our exclusive coverage of the Rab se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details of the Rab se Hai Dua’s today’s episode, providing you with a detailed account of the events and ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Recap of Rab Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Episode

Haider confronts Hamida and Dua about raising their hands on Hina. Dua decides to leave, but Hamida encourages her to stay and fight for her rights. Dua expresses her doubts and sadness, but Hamida convinces her to stay for Haider’s sake. Meanwhile, Kaynaat fears that Hamida will reject her due to Dua’s situation. Dua packs her bags, reminiscing about her relationship with Haider and deciding to leave all memories behind. Gazal prepares for a face reveal ceremony with sinister intentions. Despite her pain, Dua decides not to take any gifts from Haider. The ceremony between Haider and Gazal commences.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update

A Clash of Values: Hina vs. Rahat and Gulnaz

In a tumultuous scene, Rahat urges Hina to refrain from celebrating while their family members are nursing emotional wounds. However, Hina, asserting her son’s lawful marriage, insists on completing all the rituals. Frustrated by her lack of receptiveness, Rahat gives up and glares at Gulnaz, who has joined them. Concerned, Gulnaz questions Hina’s intentions behind the ritual and implores her to spare Dua any more pain.

She reminds Hina of the potential consequences of their actions, fearing that the curses from Hamida and herself could wreak havoc on their daughters’ lives. Hina dismisses Gulnaz’s pleas, asserting her independence and rejecting her advice. Gulnaz, resigned to Hina’s determination, appeals to her to at least prevent Hamida from taking Dua away. Hina, with a dismissive shout, reveals her indifference towards Dua, stating that she can leave for all she cares, as Dua has been a source of trouble for her.

Dua’s Anxious Wait for Hamida

Meanwhile, Dua, left waiting for Hamida’s arrival, expresses her uncertainty regarding her whereabouts. Her concern grows as she contemplates the impending events and the impact they might have on her life.

The Ceremonial Revelation: Haider and Gazal’s Moment

As the ceremony commences, with the focus on Gazal’s face reveal, Dadi confronts Gulnaz, questioning her change of allegiance. Gulnaz discloses that Gazal has kidnapped her son, forcing her to adopt a pretense of happiness. Dua, standing on the balcony, observes Haider and Gazal sitting together, causing Gulnaz to glower at Gazal. Dadi expresses her belief that Hina will come to her senses once she sees Gazal’s true face. Hina instructs Kaynaat to proceed with the ritual, and when met with reluctance, she involves Noor in placing the chunri over the couple.

Dua, tormented by the sight of Haider and Gazal’s togetherness, retreats to her room, where she succumbs to tears in solitude. In a parallel scenario, Haider catches a glimpse of Dua beside him, prompting a smile in the mirror. Gazal, unaware of Haider’s vision, believes her charm is taking effect. As the guests extend their congratulations, Haider snaps back to reality. Hamida makes a surprising appearance, offering her felicitations, leaving Haider astounded. Hamida, acknowledging that the marriage is a done deal, presents them with a gift. Gazal pleads for forgiveness, but Hamida, seeking to rectify her own past mistakes, proceeds to reveal the gift—an intricately crafted house model.

Just as Gazal is about to accept it, Hamida deliberately drops it, much to Gazal’s fury. Hina questions the meaning behind this act, to which Hamida responds by explaining that it is a prophetic gesture, symbolizing the consequences of breaking homes. Hamida warns Gazal that her curse will destroy her life, ensuring she never attains Haider’s love or a family. Guests express confusion about Hamida’s identity, prompting her to disclose that she is Dua’s mother, who has been robbed of everything by this wicked woman.

Hamida accuses Gazal of entering their lives as Dua’s friend only to steal her daughter’s husband. With her daughter suffering in solitude, Hamida condemns Gazal’s audacious celebration of her evil triumph. The guests, in agreement with Hamida, taunt Hina for allowing the ceremony to proceed and subsequently depart. Enraged, Gazal confronts Hamida, but before she can retaliate, Dua intervenes, pulling her back and delivering a resounding slap, shocking everyone present.

Dua’s Heartbreak: Haider’s Indifference

Dua, consumed by heartbreak, witnesses Haider’s apathy as he uncovers Gazal’s veil without even sparing a glance at her. Overwhelmed by the pain of this realization, Dua flees from the scene, seeking solace in her room where she succumbs to tears and anguish. On the other hand, Haider, lost in his own thoughts, envisions Dua sitting beside him, radiating a warm smile.

In the mirror, Haider is captivated by this imaginary encounter, momentarily transported away from the reality of his marriage to Gazal. Unbeknownst to Haider, Gazal interprets his smile as a reflection of her own influence, believing her manipulative charm to be working its magic.

Hamida’s Unexpected Gift and Harsh Reality

Amidst the tumultuous turn of events, Hamida seizes the opportunity to present a gift to the newlyweds. However, the gift-giving takes an unexpected twist as Hamida purposefully drops the model of their future home just moments before Gazal can claim it. Gazal, seething with anger, glares at Hamida, unable to comprehend the meaning behind her actions. Hina voices her confusion, demanding an explanation from Hamida.

Hamida seizes this moment to clarify her intentions, describing the symbolic significance of the shattered house model. She warns Gazal that her actions, which have caused the destruction of others’ homes, will inevitably lead to the destruction of her own happiness. Hamida’s words carry the weight of a curse, foretelling a life devoid of Haider’s love and the solace of a family. The guests, now enlightened about Hamida’s connection to Dua, find themselves in agreement with her accusations against Gazal. They condemn Gazal’s audacity and shamelessness, recognizing the pain she has inflicted upon the innocent and vulnerable.

Hamida’s Curse Unleashed: The Truth Revealed

As the truth about Gazal’s treachery becomes apparent to everyone, the room fills with a tense atmosphere. Hamida’s emotions erupt as she confronts Gazal, taking hold of her and exposing her true character to the world. Hamida’s anguish and anger resonate with the guests, who empathize with the suffering of Dua and the injustice inflicted upon her by Gazal. They join Hamida in condemning Gazal’s actions, showering her with disdain and contempt.

In a shocking turn of events, Dua appears at the scene, her pain and fury reaching a boiling point. Unable to contain her emotions any longer, she steps forward and delivers a resounding slap to Gazal, leaving everyone stunned. The force of the slap echoes through the room, signifying Dua’s righteous anger and her refusal to be a victim any longer.

As the dust settles, the repercussions of this dramatic revelation reverberate throughout the lives of all involved. The tangled web of love, betrayal, and curses has been unraveled, leaving behind shattered hearts and broken illusions. The true nature of Gazal’s deceit and the strength of Dua’s resilience have come to the forefront, setting the stage for a battle that will determine the fates of those entangled in this intricate web of relationships.

In the aftermath of this explosive confrontation, the characters are left to confront the consequences of their actions. The weight of Hamida’s curse hangs heavy over Gazal, while Dua grapples with the pain of heartbreak and the determination to reclaim her happiness. The path ahead is fraught with challenges, as the tangled threads of love, betrayal, and redemption continue to weave their intricate patterns in this gripping tale of passion and consequences.


Rahat urges Hina to stop the celebration, but she insists on completing the rituals. Gulnaz questions Hina’s intentions and warns her about the potential consequences. Hina dismisses Gulnaz and reveals her indifference towards Dua. Dua anxiously waits for Hamida. During the ceremony, Hamida reveals Gazal’s true character and accuses her of stealing Dua’s husband. Gazal confronts Hamida but is slapped by Dua. Hamida curses Gazal, and the guests condemn her actions. The truth about Gazal’s deceit is exposed, and Dua’s anger is unleashed. The aftermath leaves shattered hearts and broken illusions, with characters facing the consequences of their actions.

In conclusion, Rab se Hai Dua today’s episode left a lasting impact on viewers with its compelling storyline, memorable performances, and emotional moments.

People Also Ask

What is the conflict between Hina and Rahat and Gulnaz?

The conflict arises when Hina insists on celebrating her son’s lawful marriage despite the emotional wounds their family members are nursing. Rahat and Gulnaz urge Hina to refrain from celebrating and spare Dua any more pain.

Why does Gulnaz question Hina’s intentions behind the ritual?

Gulnaz questions Hina’s intentions behind the ritual because she is concerned about the potential consequences of their actions. She fears that the curses from Hamida and herself could wreak havoc on their daughters’ lives.

How does Hina respond to Gulnaz’s appeal?

Hina responds with a dismissive shout, revealing her indifference towards Dua. She states that Dua can leave for all she cares, as Dua has been a source of trouble for her.

What happens during the ceremony?

The ceremony commences with the focus on Gazal’s face reveal. Dadi confronts Gulnaz about her change of allegiance, and Gulnaz discloses that Gazal has kidnapped her son. Dua observes Haider and Gazal sitting together, causing Gulnaz to glower at Gazal.






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