Rabb Se Hai Dua 8 June 2023 Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 8 June 2023 Written Update

The episode begins with Dua feeling guilty for speaking ill of Haider. She becomes emotional seeing him in pain and blames herself for causing his suffering. She urges Haider to leave and not spend too much time with her. She notices that Haider feels cold and covers him with a blanket. In his sleep, he holds her hand, evoking emotional memories for Dua. However, she remembers his betrayal and refrains from touching his face. Dua arranges the bedding and leaves the room.

The next day, Gazal is peacefully sleeping when Dua splashes water on her face, questioning her laziness. Dua criticizes Gazal for visiting their house as the new daughter-in-law but failing to wake up early and fulfill her responsibilities. Meanwhile, Noor and Kaynaat discuss what they should eat for breakfast. Dadi asks them about her hot water and medicine, while Gulnaaz and Ravi request a cup of tea. Hina complains that she didn’t receive her usual morning tea in her room, causing her a headache. Dua surprises everyone by drinking tea and reading the newspaper. Gulnaaz and others react positively to this. Hina sarcastically tells Dua that if she’s not considering herself Haider’s wife, then she shouldn’t expect free food and can return to her parents’ house.

Haider intervenes and defends Dua, stating that Hina shouldn’t speak to her that way. However, Dua asserts that she doesn’t need anyone’s support and can stand on her own. She reminds Hina that she still cares about her and advises her to eat almonds for better memory. Dua questions if Hina has forgotten her previous words about treating her father as an equal in the house. Hina mocks Dua, implying that nobody can argue with her. Dadi interrupts, stating that Dua used to prepare everyone’s favorite meals and tea and never took a break. She defends Dua and criticizes Hina for neglecting her responsibilities towards her. Hina responds by saying that their new daughter-in-law, Gazal, will take care of the family. Gazal is shocked by Hina’s words, as she doubts her own cooking abilities. Hina instructs Gazal to take charge and not mention Dua’s name again. Gazal recalls Dua’s previous advice to her.

Gazal realizes that she doesn’t know how to make tea or cook for everyone, and doubts her ability to take care of the family. Haider requests Dua to continue making tea for him, emphasizing her importance in his life. Dua, however, refuses, remembering her warning to Haider. Gazal agrees with Hina, stating that it’s her duty as Haider’s wife to take care of him and the family. She tries to hold Haider’s hand, but he pulls away, declaring his love for Dua and expressing that he will only love her. Haider asks Dua to make tea for him, but she refuses, while Gazal becomes furious.






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