Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 2 June 2023

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Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 2 June 2023

The episode begins with Gulnaaz pleading with Hina to treat Dua better, but Hina mocks her instead. Kaynaat defends Dua, accusing Hina of being unjust towards her. Hina dismisses them, saying she didn’t grow up to take lessons from them. Haider notices Dua is missing and goes after her. Gazal thinks that he is always chasing after Dua. Haider stops Dua from packing her things and asks her to forget everything.

However, Dua confronts him, unable to forget the way he betrayed her and brought Gazal into their home. She refuses to tolerate Hina’s humiliation either. Haider insists that she won’t leave, but Dua pulls her hand away and questions what she would gain by staying in the house without a room of her own. She reminds him of the beautiful moments they shared, as well as their happiness and pain. However, she ultimately decides to leave, taking her luggage with her. Gazal enters the room at the right moment, while Hina tries to stop Haider from going after Dua, but he pushes her away.

Hina pleads with Haider to listen to her, reminding him that he has been blessed with a new life with Gazal. She declares that from that day forward, it is Gazal’s room. Gazal celebrates her victory and thanks Hina for granting her rights. She taunts Hina, acknowledging that Hina fulfilled her wish. Hina warns Gazal that as long as she is alive, no one will trouble her, as she won’t let Gazal experience the same pain she did. Gulnaaz points out that Hina was inflicting the same pain on Dua, and although Rahat married Dua out of love, Hina is forcing Haider to live with Gazal, unaware of her true intentions.

Hina shouts at Gulnaaz, accusing her of being the same person who made her cry day and night. Gazal reminds Gulnaaz that her own daughter is supporting her. Dadi intervenes and asks them to stop arguing and focus on stopping Dua. Haider congratulates Hina on snatching Dua’s room and giving it to Gazal but asserts that Hina can never remove Dua from his heart, as she will always reside there.

Haider declares that he won’t allow Dua to leave the house, stating that if she leaves, everyone will lose their right to stay in that house. He follows Dua, with Hina chasing after him. Meanwhile, Eihchaaz approaches Ruhan, and Hafeez keeps a close eye on him. Eihchaaz reprimands the goons for not taking care of Ruhan properly, fearing Gazal’s wrath if anything happened to him. Hafeez realizes he can’t handle the situation alone and calls Ravi for help, sending him a message.

Dadi asks Dua why she gave her room to Gazal when she has every right to stay there. Dua explains that she willingly gave the room to Gazal since Gazal likes using the things she uses. Dua thanks everyone for showing their love and asks them to stay with her. Dua replies to Hina, stating that Hina hasn’t won her position as the “other woman” and is separated from her family.

Hina suggests that Dua should stay in the guest room, as it’s meant for guests. However, Dua asserts that she has decided where to stay and doesn’t need Hina’s help. Hina questions why Dua is going to her room, and Dua removes Hina’s clothes from the wardrobe, declaring that she is making space for herself. She believes this room deserves someone who has been abandoned by her husband, just as Haider has left Hina.

Dua takes a stand against Hina and asserts her strength, proud of her destiny. Gazal tries to intervene, but Dua warns her to stay silent unless she wants another slap. Dua remarks that it’s a conversation between first wives and demands Gazal to stay in the room, as she will experience the same pain that Dua felt when Haider brings his third wife. Dua suggests that Gazal will feel even more pain than she does, as there is room for a third person in that space.






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