Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 29 May 2023

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Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 29 May 2023

The episode starts with Dua pacing back and forth in the front yard. Haider notices her and remembers how Dua distanced herself from him and ended their relationship. He realizes that he caused Dua a lot of pain. Dua starts crying as she recalls how she humiliated Haider in front of everyone. She feels guilty for causing him pain and believes she has become a burden to him. She wishes she could apologize to him for her mistakes but knows she hurt him deeply.

Haider feels hurt hearing her words and thinks about how people often say the moon is beautiful, but he laughs at them because Dua is his moon, even though they are apart. She is the reason he wants to live. Dua sees him standing on the balcony and tells him that he pushed her away. Haider acknowledges his actions and promises to make things right soon. Later, Hafeez tells Kaynaat that he hopes no one experiences the same fate as Dua and Haider. Despite their love, destiny separated them. Kaynaat worries that her destiny might end up like theirs.

Hafeez stops her and expresses that he wouldn’t wish this state upon even his enemy. Kaynaat blames Haider for the situation, believing he trusts Gazal. Noor arrives and takes Kaynaat away. The inspector questions Kaynaat about Dua and demands that Hafeez bring her to the station. Dua appears and identifies herself. The inspector informs her that there is a complaint against her for attempting to harm Gazal. They intend to arrest her based on the complaint. Haider intervenes and tries to stop the inspector, who reveals that there is a warrant for Dua’s arrest.

Dua clarifies that she wouldn’t be present without a proper complaint being filed against her. Haider asks Gazal what’s going on. Gazal admits to making the complaint because of what Dua did to her. Haider assures Gazal that he won’t let anything happen to Dua. Gazal insists she didn’t lodge the complaint and accuses Haider of misunderstanding her. Hina confesses that she called the police because Dua tried to harm her daughter-in-law, and she had to take a stand against her instead of Haider. Dadi and Haider scold Hina for her decision, asking her what she is doing. They argue that Dua’s life will be ruined, and Hina retaliates, claiming that they don’t care about Gazal but support Dua. Dadi urges Hina to withdraw the case.

Hina challenges Dadi, asking what she will do if she doesn’t comply. She points out that she has always listened to Dadi but received no respect or consideration in return. She declares that she won’t listen anymore. Dadi dismisses her claims, stating that Gazal manipulated her against everyone. Dua advises Hina to let the matter go, as talking to her is pointless and a waste of time. She predicts that one day Hina will regret her mistakes. Hina questions what will happen to Haider’s reputation if she doesn’t withdraw the case, explaining that it’s a matter of their family’s standing in society.

The inspector urges them to make a decision quickly. Haider pleads with Hina to drop the case, as he won’t be able to face the world if she arrests Dua. Gazal worries that her plan will fail if Hina withdraws the case. Hina asserts that she is acting in the best interest of the family and Haider’s future. Haider is puzzled by Hina’s change in behavior, noting that she used to support him unconditionally. Dua interrupts and says she doesn’t need their help or pity.

She is ready to go to jail but wants to have a private conversation with Gazal first. Hina forbids Dua from speaking to Gazal alone. Haider prevents the constable from arresting Dua and even threatens them. The inspector warns Haider about violating the rules, while Gazal denies everything. Haider declares that he is willing to go to jail for Dua. However, Dua refuses and insists on talking to Gazal before getting arrested, or else Gazal will have to follow her to jail. Gazal becomes anxious upon hearing this.






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