Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 6 June 2023

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 6 June 2023

The episode starts with Gazal recalling Dua’s warning to her and realizing that she had given her 15 days’ time, but she intends to break her heart today itself. She tries to contact Eihchaaz, but he is not answering her calls. Meanwhile, Ravi notices missed calls from Hafeez and realizes that he may be in danger. Kaynaat suggests informing Dua about it. Ravi informs Dua that Hafeez called for help, but they missed his call due to the tense situation at home. Dua checks her phone and finds the missed call and message from Hafeez. She regrets sending him alone and thinks that she made a mistake. Gazal continues trying to contact Eihchaaz.

On the other hand, Hafeez asks Ruhan to wake up, and Eihchaaz confronts him, saying that he is acting like his sister. He questions Hafeez’s pride, stating that if Hafeez had followed him, he could have saved Ruhan from being taken. He warns Hafeez not to be proud of himself and tells him that he knows what is happening in his house. Gazal and Eihchaaz were partners, and they won’t spare their sister. They are dangerous people, and if they get angry, they can send Hafeez to a place from where he can’t return. In anger, he slaps Hafeez, mentioning how Dua and others mistreat him at home.

He also mentions beating him for how Hameeda insulted Gazal and for the warning Gulnaaz gave him regarding Noor. During the altercation, Hafeez’s wallet falls, and at that moment, Dua calls him. Eihchaaz pretends to be Hafeez and answers the call. Dua questions him about why he has Hafeez’s phone and what Hafeez was doing at his place. Dua threatens him, saying that if anything happens to her brother, she won’t spare him. Eihchaaz asks her if she wants to free her brother or not, and he switches off his phone. Dua regrets sending Hafeez alone and realizes the danger they are in. She wonders what she will say to Hameeda.

Gazal sarcastically claps, expressing her happiness. She taunts Dua for having tears in her eyes, despite her previous threats. She mentions that Dua has already started her game and broken up her family, and now her brother’s life is in danger. Gazal asks Dua to inform Hameeda about it, suggesting that she might die in shock. Dua reminds Gazal that both Hafeez and Eihchaaz are her brothers, and if something happens to them, she won’t spare Gazal and will ruin her life.

Gazal mocks Dua and tells her that she is scared of her, reminding her that she never cared about their lives or loved them. She advises Dua to apologize to her and leave. Gazal leaves, laughing, while Gulnaaz expresses her desire to kill Gazal. Dua urges Gulnaaz not to make a foolish move and reminds her that both of them are in her custody. Gulnaaz shares her grief with Dua, and Dua consoles her, assuring her that nothing will happen to them because God is with them.

Meanwhile, Gazal appreciates Eihchaaz for doing a good job. Eihchaaz asks her to treat him well for his efforts. Gazal suggests that he should keep an eye on them and mentions that they should not have escaped from his custody. Eihchaaz inquires about Haider, and Gazal informs him that Haider is waiting outside Dua’s room.






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